Raising Awareness and Interest  

The Maine Cyber Defense Competition is a University of Maine System multi-campus initiative to raise awareness and interest of high school students in UMS Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs while simultaneously engaging them in Cybersecurity activities that culminate in a statewide cyber defense competition.

Read the Announcement (requires Adobe Reader) and Events pages to learn more about the 2011 MECDC. Check our Events page regularly to get an update on future competitions.

We encourage active participation in the national CyberPatriot competition until such time that we have secured funding to host and announce another MECDC. The CyberPatriot competition is based on the same format as the MECDC. We encourage the use of the MECDC Resources in preparation for the competition.

This web site primarily serves the sharing and resource needs of the Maine Cyber Defense Competition (MECDC) participants.

Education and Fun

The focus of this effort is on promoting educational activities that enlighten and educate in an manner enjoyable to all. Join the many students, advisors and mentors who participated last year and discover for yourself the fun that can be had protecting systems from the many threats to cyber security.

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Questions/concerns? Contact Dr. Raymond Albert at (207) 834-7696 or